Is it too early to have a website? Of course it is!


Dear whomever is reading this (hi Mom!),

Yes, it is kind of weird to have a writing website when you only have a few published stories, but heck–life is pretty weird most of the time, so… Think of this as optimism run amok, but while you marvel at my lack of publishing credentials, please also check out 31 HATH OCTOBER, my Halloween countdown blog. It has tons of articles, reviews, musings, etc., about the horrifying arts in all their colorful guises–with a bunch of guest bloggers who know what the heck they’re talking about. It also sports some cool interviews with writers and other artists, like Livia Llewellyn, Victor LaValle, Matthew M. Bartlett, and Lynda E. Rucker, for crying out loud! And, you owe it to yourself to read the WHAT ARE THE THREE SCARIEST STORIES/BOOKS THAT YOU CAN THINK OF? post, with picks and commentary from 15 of the best writers currently working in the field…

ALSO, while you are making fun of how few of my stories have actually seen the light of day (you fiend!), you might enjoy checking out one of my musical projects like LOBSTA THERMIDOR (warning, this is not for people allergic to weird smart aleckness):

And, heckfire! If you’re still poking around, why not watch one of the short horror or comedy movies I’ve made with my posse of talented collaborators. An example being:

So, yes, this is all small potatoes. But how am I going to find you people if I don’t lay some kind of trap?!