Short Stories

“Sofie Coral Metz” – WHEN THE SIRENS HAVE FADED, A Murder of Storytellers

“Uncle Tal and the Dark” – Albedo One Magazine, Issue #48

“The Shiro” – CUTTING BLOCK SINGLE SLICES, Vol. 1Cutting Block Books

“The Salter Collection” – NEW FEARS, Vol. 1Titan Books

“‘The Salter Collection’ is a worthy entry in the Jamesian school of ghost story, with something terrible lurking in the archives at an institution of learning and an overly curious curator uncovering secrets better left forgotten.”BLACK STATIC magazine


“Jefferson Davis’s Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon: The Real Story” – Jersey Devil Press, 2016


“Dead Horses”Space Squid, 2015


“Daemonium In Machina” – Into the Darkness, Vol. 1Necro Publications, 2014

“The Ambassador” – Under the Knife (anthology) – Cruentus Libri, 2013

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