I am a video producer/editor and photographer by day and make all sorts of different projects for different people and organizations.


Photo by Peter Smith

Here, specifically, are some of the horror and horror comedy films I’ve made with my awesome filmmaking pals over the years…

It is the last night of recording for ‘The Collected Works’ books-on-tape set of cult horror author, Mordecai Saccades. There is only one last piece to go, an extremely rare poem called ‘The Celebrant’. Perhaps there is a reason it has never been read aloud before…


2012 11 mins USA Color

Starring Dave Rahbari, Kevin Meisel, and Owl DiBlassio
Directed and edited by Brian Lillie
Written by Dave Rahbari, Brian Lillie, and Kevin Meisel

SAMARITAN — Who’s There Film Challenge (2013)

2013 3 mins USA Color

Starring Jim Sullivan, Merrill Hodnefield, and Joe Sacksteder
Written, shot, edited, and scored by Brian Lillie

This short piece was made as an entry in the WHO’S THERE: SHORT HORROR FILM competition in 2013. The rules were simple: the film had to be 3 minutes long or less (with 5 second leeway for credits), and had to incorporate “Who’s there?” in some manner.

We didn’t win, but we got lots of kudos and views as part of the contest. It was a very interesting challenge to try and create something only 3 minutes long that felt like a glimpse into a larger story.

The Meriwether Device (2011)

Six people get together for a weekend up north– five old friends and a quirky new boyfriend who collects machines from the Victorian era. Unfortunately for everyone, he has brought along his latest find, The Meriwether Device…

Starring Carol Gray, Tom Szymanski, Kristin Beckett, David Serra, Jim Roll and Maggie Meyer
Story by Brian Lillie and Paul Walther
Directed by Brian Lillie
Edited by Brian Lillie and Jennifer Seibert
Filmed by Jennifer Seibert and Owl DiBlassio
Music by Paul Schmitter

This was the first finished project that our film posse put together that I felt worked, all around. Sure, there are some rough patches, poor audio here and there, etc., but I think the creep factor completely shines through. One of the happiest moments of my horror geek career is when LAIRD BARRON said this about our little movie on Facebook:


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